I’m Ashleigh, you can call me Ash, and I’m a hype-man for bad ass women
who want to live their lives in a way that fulfills them.


If you’re serious about your business, but your website doesn’t show it, I hear you and understand your frustration. You probably have a pinterest tab open right now trying to find answers to your never ending list of questions, while filling your head with advice from other people that have no idea what your goals are for your business.

We both know what’s next:  Information overwhelm kicks in, and you shut down. You close your browser, check out mentally, and pray that it fixes it self.

It won’t. That may be hard to hear, but I have to be honest with you. If you’re serious about your business then you need a website that’s just as serious and intentional as you are. 


My mission is to craft beautiful, bespoke and strategic websites for passionate and driven women entrepreneurs
so they can build a business they love, gain confidence in their purpose and gain the financial stability
to create a work/life balance that makes them happy.


You need laser focused and clear as day solutions on how to make your website the absolute best that it can be so you can put your energy into another part of your business. You know, the ones that you actually like.

I work with female entrepreneurs that want to be seen as leaders in their industry. They always want to put their best face forward, and work hard to become serious players in their industries. They want a website that supports their goals, is clean and professional, and easy as hell to use.

(I hear you. That’s why I choose to work the Squarespace platform to deliver easy to use, stylish, fresh, and modern websites that fit your brand like a glove.)



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About pages are hard as hell to write. I don’t want to talk about myself in the third person, but I know I don’t want this to be overly stuffy either. There’s something about describing yourself to thousands of people that makes me feel a tad bit vulnerable and unsure as where to start. 

I graduated from Louisiana State University with my Bachelors in Psychology, and I was 10,000% sure that I was going to graduate school then go off to be a licensed psychologist. 

Yeah, that didn’t happen. 

Realizing that going back to school wasn’t for me, and also realizing that I didn’t have one damn clue what “career” was for me at all kept me up at night. I didn’t think I was good at anything. Nothing exceptional about me.

I thought I was a great friend, daughter, girlfriend, funny as all hell, and a great listener. 5 things that I didn’t think people would hire me for. 

So I said, “Well, since I don’t think I’m exceptional at anything, what do I even like doing?”

Napping. Fooling around with my friends on Twitter. Playing around in photoshop. 

I remembered fooling around with HTML and CSS during my Myspace days. Learning about colors, fonts, classes, ID’s, and other ins and outs that made the web look and function as it did back then. I remembered the excitement that it gave me.

The curious and excited feeling I would get when I ran into a problem I didn't know how to fix. I thought, this is it.



This is a gift that I can share with the world.

I told myself that If I wanted to do this, I would have to do this right. This can’t be like the time that I “studied” for the GRE, paid for my seat in the exam, then cancelled. 

If I want to support myself and create a life that makes me happy, I have to see this through. Till the very end. 

Whether that be financially or emotionally, running a business is hard work man. Marketing, designing, accounting, imposter syndrome, putting myself out there, believing in my eye for design and my skills even when I think no one knows who I am, and so many more things. 

What keeps me going is interacting and working with women that put themselves out there anyway. They find ways to show up for their business every damn day and do what they can to make it work. Every small step is still a step. 

Women like that fuel and inspire me, and I think it's safe to say that since you're here in my little corner of the world, then you're one of those women too. If you're ready to take control of your life, and take a real shot at this entrepreneurship thing, it starts with your website.

Let's work together and tell your story.

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