#ReclaimingMyTime: How I Deal With Distractions as an Entrepreneur

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If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur is this: every damn thing has the potential to be a distraction. Not all distractions are a bad thing however. They’re mostly a reason to procrastinate and get away from whatever it is that I know I’m supposed to be doing. The more I get to know myself, the more I'm starting to learn the best ways for me to get the most done, and how to deal with distractions.

Since Queen Maxine Waters is out here reclaiming her time from things (really people) that want to take up her time with nonsense, here are some tips on how I’m changing how I look at distractions and how they’ve affected my work life.

Dealing With Distractions as an Entrepreneur

ONE / / Social Media

Well mostly Twitter. My personal Twitter is a huge distraction for me.

All of my friends from college are there, and I’ve curated a feed of hilariously bold, open, honest, and shady characters from all of the country that love to discuss and talk about everything. My personal twitter is addicting, and being on my personal twitter distracts me and takes away from being more active and interactive on my business twitter.


In an effort to #reclaimmytime and be more active on my business twitter, I’ve upped the amount of times that I tweet out my favorite posts from other bloggers, and I’ve made more of an effort to attend twitter chats.


I also try to spend time on my personal twitter in timed bursts throughout the work day.


I’ve also made more of an effort to tweet out my random (non-foolish) thoughts and musings on my business twitter more than my personal. The more I start to do business and work with clients, the more I’m realizing they are finding me through Twitter! That’s great and since twitter comes so easy to me, I need to do better.

TWO // Netflix Binging during Work Hours


This one tries to take me down EVERY DAY. Netflix is so cruel to me. There’s something new and interesting almost every week and I’m the queen of binging three seasons in two days (I do it quite often).


I know it’s not that “cool” for someone to say that they love watching TV, but I do. I always have.


I didn’t realize how much watching TV took up my life until I started running my business outside of my day job. After I get home, the first thing that I do will dictate how the rest of my night is going to go: If I sit on the couch and start snacking, I’m out for the count until the next day.


In an effort to #reclaimmytime I’ve started watching Netflix on my computer and eating at my desk. I know, that doesn't sound that much better, but for me it’s been working wonders.


The problem I was having was that if I was snacking on the couch away from my desk, I would tell myself: “Girl you don’t need to get up. The office and your computer is all the way over there and you’re already comfortable.” Not being able to see my computer and being in the atmosphere of my office, encourages me not to work when I know that I “should” be.


(should is in quotation marks because I’ve decided that in 2017, I’m not going to tell myself what I should do. I’ll ask myself what I want to do and go from there.)


Eating at my desk with my computer and extra monitor right in my face encourages me to work. I’ve noticed that the more that I do this, the more I end up turning Netflix off, turning my music up, and doing work during “normal hours”. Normal hours for me are the moment I get home until either my favorite cable tv show comes on (usually around 7-9pm) so I have about 3 hours to be an online bad ass.

THREE // Comparing Myself to Others


This is a BIGGG one and it’s a distraction that takes me out almost every time as well.


I’m getting better at not comparing myself to others but it’s still a daily thing. To be honest, once I figured out that I compared myself the most to others when going through Pinterest and seeing what my peers were doing and what I WASN’T doing, I knew I had to do something.


I started automating Pinterest more and more, so now I spend little to no time there, but maintain an “active account”. #booyah


In an effort to #reclaimmytime, I’ve adopted a “blinders” mentality. I purposely disconnect myself from taking in so much content and extraness from others so I can focus on doing what I need to do. This has not only given me confidence about my own work, and I get so much more done!


Who would have thought?! *sarcastic voice*


Not all distractions are bad. They’re bad if you don’t acknowledge why you do them, and how to flip them into working out for you. Also, just like Auntie Maxine Waters, do NOT let other people take up your time if they’re not offering you anything beneficial in return.


Reclaim your time boo.


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