Squarespace adds sixteen new templates!

Squarespace debuts sixteen new templates!

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Squarespace dropped some new templates on us y’all! You know I had to check them out really quick and give you my thoughts on which ones caught my eye.

Apparently Squarespace is trying to consolidate their template families and got rid of the Marquee family. Most of my experience with that family was with it’s parent template, Marquee. I usually end up always using the parent instead of the children at the end of the day since they’re more customizable.


So by getting rid of the Marquee family, Squarespace added 16 new templates to the Brine family. You know I love Brine, so when I found this out, it solidified what I’ve been preaching about Brine all along: It’s the bad ass of all templates.


If you’re already using Marquee or any of the templates in that family though, don’t fret! Your site won’t crash or go down because the template is discontinued. What it means is that you won’t receive updates and fixes to the templates in that family.


Your best decision: move over to another template so you can continue to get automatic updates. Trust me. Don’t put more stress on yourself.

Let’s do a quick check out the new kids on the block:


*Note: not all templates are mentioned here and that’s for a simple reason: Their demo wasn’t interesting to me. It seemed basic and reminded me too much of other templates. Meh.


*Also: These are my opinions on the demo sites for each template. I switched to the template “Margot” to give it a run. I talk about my experience at the end of the list.



One thing that drew me to the Ready template is the main navigation. On desktop, tablet, and phone it’s in hamburger style, and once expanded it reminds me of the navigation panels for the Skye and Tudor templates.

I’d rather my navigation be front and center than hidden behind a hamburger across all devices. Studies have shown that hamburger navigations actually make using your website more difficult. 

Hamburger style means that instead of actual navigation links, navigation is represented by 3 solid lines stacked on top of each other.

Take advantage of adding a call to action button in the navigation panel too. Remember the more times someone sees your logo, the more likely they are to remember your biz. 


Miller stays true to Squarespace form: parallax scrolling, full bleed images as the header/banner, and long index page scrolling bad assness. It’s a pretty simple template and comparable to other templates like Marta and Clay when it comes to homepage structure.

I’m a fan of the layout on mobile too. It’s responsiveness moves the boxes underneath each other perfectly to make scrolling easy.


I’m a sucker for moody images so I’m biased towards this one. It reminds me a lot of the Marta and Mercer templates. The homepage seems to be an index page, and the banners for each page are have parallax scrolling.

If you’re looking to get the exact look of the demo, meaning there’s not real space between the index pages, play around with the index page padding in your style editor. You’ll probably need to set it to 0 or the lowest it will go.

I’m also a sucker for this template when viewed on mobile. I think I may prefer it on mobile more than desktop!


My favorite thing about the Aria template is the video playing behind the featured image. Aria also sparked in idea in me when I saw the calendar on the homepage.

This may be useful for service providers, shops, etc that want their visitors or customers to know when they’ll be out of the office, on vacation, any shipping delays, etc. It’s a in context and visual way for people to see your important dates instead of simply reading them.


Fairfield is giving me serious Marquee vibes. It’s probably because both demos feature restaurants and I’m always drawn to food photography (and I love food lol ) I love the video as a featured banner so if you have a simplistic video for your brand or business I’d definitely try putting it as the banner.

Since it’s so similar to Marquee, for anyone using Marque and want to move, this may be the template for you.


Cacoa’s imagery drew me in the most. Besides that, I love the idea of taking the index page and turning it into a quick shopping page. This works great for shops that have a smaller number of products.

I definitely wouldn’t add more than four since you don’t want visitors to scroll forever to get to the bottom. The parallax scrolling gives me some 3D vibes, so if you have imagery that’s similar, I would give it a shot.

I can see this excelling with shops that sell accessories like jewelery, food (duh), purses or luggages, shoes, watches, etc.


Camino is the Carson template for the Brine family. So if you love the Carson template, but want features that come with Brine, this is the template for you.

The sad thing for me is the hover state changing for the homepage links don’t work for mobile, and in an a time when more people are viewing on a mobile device, this effect will be lost. But hey, it’s still cool as hell.


Right when I found out Squarespace released the new templates and that they were additions to the Brine template, I wanted to give at least one of them a try. I took Margot for a test drive and here are my thoughts:

  1. It transitioned pretty seamlessly into my own template and content since I was using Brine beforehand so I was able to go live with it within a few minutes.
  2. Everything in the style editor is basically the same as Brine so all is good there. I’ve been using Margot since it released and I haven’t noticed much of a difference between it and Brine.





That’s actually the point to be honest. The template demos are there to give you inspiration on how different industries can design and style a template to fit their business. Templates in template families don't vary much when it comes to structure, but their parent templates do come with a few more tweaks that can be made without using any code. 

I’ll be playing with the rest of the templates throughout the next few months, and you can follow my day to day musings on Squarespace and other web design topics on Twitter.

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