Website statistics you should watch to help grow your blog or business

Take a few minutes out of your day once a week to keep your eye on a few website statistics that can help you make better decisions on optimization, future content, and your marketing efforts.  #blogtraffic #increaseblogtraffic #increasewebsitetraffic #websitetraffic #websitedesign #webdesigner #Squarespace #growyourblogtraffic #growblogtraffic #growwebsitetraffic

Math and numbers aren’t really my strong suit. I was definitely the kid in school that killed it in the humanities, but my brain rejected science and math. I even majored in English Literature for a year in college before I landed in Psychology.

But there are numbers (usually dollars & taxes) that all of us business owners have to keep our eye on, but if you’re not watching your website analytics then you’re definitely missing out on some chances to grow your traffic.

Just like having a terrible relationship with money, there's no point in obsessing over how much traffic, visitors, etc that your website is getting (or isn’t getting) on the daily. That will definitely drive you crazy.

The better idea is to take a few minutes out of your day once a week to keep your eye on a few website statistics that can help you make better decisions on optimization, future content, and your marketing efforts.

Stay tuned to the end where I tell you my absolute favorite tool that emails me a quick snapshot of how my website is doing every week so I don’t have to log into Google Analytics (that dashboard can be a bit overwhelming for first-time website owners).


Which blog posts are performing the best

This is a great teller to what types of content that people are interested in at the time. Think about the topics that these posts cover and see if you can spot any trends. This also gives you the opportunity to pounce on any opportunity to get people into your funnel, on your email list, to fill out your contact form, etc. if you haven’t already.

Go through the posts that you know don’t have, for example, a freebie in them and think of something quick that you can do to give your readers the opportunity to take whatever the post was about to another level.

For example, say you’re a photographer who wrote a post about what to wear to your engagement shoot and it's performing well traffic wise. That post is the perfect place to offer a quick little PDF guide to the different types of clothes and colors to stick to depending on the type/style of the couple.

Same goes for if you offer a product or a service. Think of how this post ties to one of your offerings and find a way to weave that in. Put something towards the bottom about how a product in your shop, your course, or one of your packages is the perfect solution to pain point or topic that you’re discussing in the post.

Where your traffic is coming from

If you’re looking to master a specific social media platform, then monitoring your efforts on how many referrals you get from that platform is crucial. You don’t have to be an IG, Pinterest, Twitter and/or Facebook guru, so putting your marketing efforts into the one or two platforms that send you the most traffic month to month is being smart and strategic.

Keep in mind that you want to be where your ideal clients are. So if you’re not getting that much traffic from Instagram, but you know your ideal client is there, you may want to dig deeper into your IG marketing strategy.


My favorite tool for keeping up with my website:

Quill Engage is a life saver. It’s a free service that will take an overview of your website statistics and shoot you an email with the information. They don’t use fancy terminology and the email is very quick to scan and read. They email you every week and towards the end of every month, they give you a month overview.

Each email compares the most recent week to the previous weeks so you can see how your website is progressing.

I am not an affiliate for Quill Engage (I don’t think they even do affiliates), they’re just badass and keep me from logging into my Google Analytics and getting bogged down in numbers I don’t like or understand.

Don’t let the numbers get you down if you’re not happy with them. Have faith in the fact that you are growing and that you’re making progress to meet your goals. Also remember, you don’t have to get millions of visitors every month to be booked out or have a full calendar. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

Keep pushing it girl. The universe and your hard work will get you where you want to go.