Wine Down 001: Perfectionism (Guest Post at The Gratefulist)


Wine Downs are my semi-monthly way to give a behind the scenes look at the ups and downs that come with starting/running an online business, and being a young lady entrepreneur in a brand new city (Houston, TX by way of Baton Rouge, LA).

These posts will be really informal compared to my other posts. It’s my way of letting my visitors into this journey that I’m crazy excited about and how I deal with common issues that arise from interacting with clients, networking, taking care of myself, developing my passion/craft and more.

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment/rant ;) I hope you enjoy.

The only way that I could feel like I was good enough, was if I never made mistakes.

The first Wine Down is a short one. I want to highlight a fellow lady that I’ve been following for a bit and am in love with what she’s doing over there on her side of the internets.

It’s probably one of the most common questions that interviews ask on job interviews: “what’s your biggest weakness?”

The most common answer is perfection and my answer isn’t too different. I didn’t know that I had such a battle with perfectionism until I graduated from college and went on the journey of finding myself.


Whatever the hell that means.


I talk about my battles with perfectionism and how I “reverse engineer” it over at Wendy de Jong’s blog, The Gratefulist.

Check out the posts and see how I and a bunch of those bad ass ladies work through our perfectionism. Grab some wine and a few Kleenex. You may need them. (I’m a big baby, so I always need them!)




An oldie but such a goodie, Goapele's Closer. Drake loves this song, so you know it's a gem #OVO.