Current Dates To Remember:

LAUNCH: 2/19/2019



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When the time comes for me to implement the design on your site, I will send over instructions on how to add me as a contributor.






Client Homework:

Pinterest Board: Pinterest boards are fantastic ways to get the visual mood and tone of the look and feel that you want your website to convey. 

These images don't need to be of other websites in your industry (preferably if I would prefer pins of images outside of your industries) but you should fill this board with pins that have a similar style and feel of how you'd like to present your business, brand, and website. 

Use the captions of the pins to tell me why you chose that particular pin. 

Click here to check out a Pinterest board that I made so you can get an idea of what I mean. 

The Business, Branding, & Design Questionnaire: This questionnaire is crucial to me understanding your business, style, design preferences, goals for the future, and much much more. The questionnaire itself may seem a little long, but the information that I gain when you fill it out honestly and truthfully are not only going to make the process smoother, but help me to make design choices are aligned with your brand. 

Please Note: Your Pinterest board has to be created BEFORE doing your client questionnaire!

Uploading & Formatting Your Content

As much as I love to believe that I am a magician, my designs will look bare without text and/or video content. This is where you come in!


In a Google Doc/File folder that we share, you'll write out/paste your text content.

When writing your text, try to break it up and use headings, breaks or bullet points whenever you can. Large blocks of text are rarely read and seem intimidating, so try to be concise and break things up. 


Please try to use headings, bullet points, number lists, italics, bold etc.
when writing your content.

If you have any links that need to be inserted, write out the text and (link:



Just like text, no website is complete without photos. Now is the time to gather all of the photos that you want to include on your website into a folder in the Google Doc. 

As fun as iPhone selfies are to take, they do not scream professionalism when used on a website. High quality images will always be best when creating something clean and professional.

I will be compiling a folder of free stock photos that I used on your website and in your graphics for you to keep once the your website is launched. However, if you have specific images that you want to use, by all means include them in the Google Drive!

Here are some of my favorite places to get stock photos:,,, and

*Please note that finding and obtaining images in the legal way is solely your responsibility. Please make sure that you own the copyright, have purchased any licenses, or are using copyright free images at all time. I will not check to see if you have obtained these images correctly/legally, and will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement issues that may arise from` the use of photos that you provided to use on your website. Please do not download images off of Google and try to use them on your website! Images are usually licensed and belong to someone else.

If you want certain images to be on certain pages, rename the image in the Google Drive with the name of the page that you want it to be featured on. For example, change a stock images filename from "woman-on-a-mountain.jpg" to "homepage.jpg"




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