Cora Carpenter Interiors

Cora Carpenter Interiors

Branding & Web Design Personal Project

INDUSTRY: Interior Design



Cora has been in the interior design business for about 5 years. She’s originally from Colorado and moved to Utah with her life partner Sabrina. Her business focuses on two aspects, residential design (usually family homes) and commercial design. She’s been featured in some local and national magazines for her eye for design and her ability to take the essence of the family or the business and bring it to life with every room.


She thinks her website doesn’t go into who she is as a designer. She wants the main focus to be her work, but she wants to infuse more of her personality and quirks into the website to have it be a more complete representation of herself since she is the face of her business.

Overall, she wants to see more of herself on her website.

Her three biggest goals for her website are to showcase her portfolio, get more leads for her business, and to create a community around her blog where she shares tips and tricks on bringing high-end design to everyone regardless of budget.

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Your website can be your business' biggest marketing tool if it's designed strategically and encourages visitors to sit up and take notice of how much of a bad ass you are. 


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