Mulholland Photography

Mulholland Photography

Branding & Web Design Personal Project

INDUSTRY: Photographers



Mulholland is a project that I immediately fell in love with the moment I started to flesh it out. It was one of those experiences where everything fit together very easily and the next thing you know I’m jotting down notes on function, colors, typography, and vibe like crazy.

I’ve always been a sucker for a moody photography, and wedding photographers that have a moodier side to their style have always made my heart flutter.

Everyone loves a bright and airy photo of a bride and groom, but there’s something about the richness of a moodier or darker edit that makes it even more romantic.

I can be a little moody and dramatic in my personal life, so this isn’t much of a stretch.


Niia is a wedding photographer from Houston, TX that knows exactly how to stick out in her locale and industry. Considering many photographers in the Houston area have an editing style on the lighter side, she immediately set herself a part and went for a darker and richer feel.

She wanted a website and branding that not only reflected the richness and the deepness that her photos convey, but didn’t want to compromise on the romantic and intimate feel of her work.



My inspiration for this project were more restricting than other projects and that was done on purpose: I tend to gravitate towards colors and typography that I’m comfortable with, so for Mulholland I wanted to think outside the box.

I chose to use mainly black and white as the primary colors, while using a lighter peach and light brown to highlight certain elements.

I wanted to work with black as much as possible and create while letting the photos move me and my decisions.

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